Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Customs of Easter

Easter egg
There are many traditional celebrations on Easter. The egg is the most typical symbol of Easter. In ancient times, eggs were often seen as a symbol of fertility and resurrection because they gave birth to new life. Later christians gave new meaning to the egg as a symbol of the tomb of Jesus, from which future life was born. Easter eggs are often dyed red to represent the blood shed during the crucifixion of Jesus and the joy of the resurrection. There is also an old custom of giving boiled eggs to children on the street to play games. They rolled the eggs down the hillside: whoever broke them last will win, and all the eggs will belong to him. The White House plays this game every year, just by rolling eggs on the lawn.

Easter bunny
According to ancient European legends, the hare is an animal that never closes its eyes. They can see other animals around them in the dark, so the hare represents a bright moon in the night. In addition, the date of Easter is calculated on the basis of the full moon in spring, so the breeding rabbits in spring are regarded as a symbol of Easter. When this custom was introduced to the United States, the americans also gave the rabbit a lovely name, called the Easter bunny. Adults vividly tell children that Easter eggs hatch into little rabbits. Many families also put some eggs on the garden lawn for the children to play the Easter egg hunt.

Send lily
Lilies symbolize sacredness and purity. People love to represent the sanctity of Jesus Christ by the lilies that bloom around spring and Easter. In addition, lilies shaped like trumpets also seem to be trumpeting the good news about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Cross exchange
On Easter day, many people paint boiled eggs with Easter - related patterns. For example: cross, nail, lily, rabbit and so on, colorful decorations. Then they exchange with each other to remind Jesus of his resurrection. Some people like to play the game of looking for eggs. The adults first hide the eggs in the garden grass for children to look for. The person who finds the egg should tell the meaning of the pattern on the egg. For example, a cross is where Jesus died for us, and a nail is a reminder that Jesus Christ was crucified.

Knock the bell

In France and Italy, in addition to good up for four days, the day before Easter bell could be heard everywhere all the year round, no bell is to remind us that Jesus died, the bell in the Easter Sunday will, remind us that Jesus Christ has been raised.

Some fireworks
People lit candles in front of the church to show their sanctification and welcomed them into thousands of homes. On this day, the children are most happy to bring the flame to their homes. They lit the branches with the flame in front of the church and then ran to their homes in a festive atmosphere.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 14th The Origin And Meaning of White Valentine's Day

White valentine's day, scheduled on March 14, is generally believed to be a continuation of western valentine's day, originating from Rome in the third century AD. Legend has it that the Roman emperor set up valentine's day in honor of his lover who was to be executed on February 14th for breaking a love marriage ban. A month later, on March 14, the couple vowed to die, and then became white valentine's day and spread to other countries.

White is pure and spiritual in European countries, like a young girl, like a westerner married to wear a white wedding dress. This has become one of the important sources of the white valentine's day. Because of the gradual spread and development, "white" represents the expectation and happiness, is a blessing to lovers.

The moral

Hope and happiness. White color: full of spiritual, divine, protection, peace, purity, real, sincere and strength, clean and pure, romantic, bright and clear, natural and unrestrained, noble, understand, pure, clear, fresh and respect, simple, humble, precision, innocence, youth, was born, on February 14, a warm, compared the story of the March 14 shows that it is more as a sweet, meet day.


Since "white valentine's day" originated in Europe, europeans have a certain history of "white valentine's day" and have formed quite mature customs. According to legend, on February 14, boys gave girls gifts (usually roses and chocolates). After a month of consideration and investigation, on March 14, if the girl returned gift to the boy (usually a handmade cookie), it said that the girl accepted the boy and could fall in love.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

What are the common customs of western valentine's day?

Valentine's day, also known as st. valentine's day on February 14, is a time to be cautious -- especially for single people and romantic people. "Valentine's day" you should be peeping out of the keyhole when you get up early in the morning. According to legend, if the first person you see is walking alone, then you will be single. If you see two or more people walking together, you will surely find a lover. If you see a cock and a hen, you will get married before Christmas.

Western valentine's day flowers.

Bachelors on valentine's day in the morning of the first personal concern, because if you are single and looking for a partner, you are doomed to on February 14, and see the first person to get married, at least this man will have a significant role in your life. If you're not shy, you can call your loved one in the morning and ask for a ride to work. Or close doors, go out at noon, is also a good strategy.

Valentine's day is one of the oldest holidays in the world, dating back to Christianity, but st. valentine's day is a recent term. According to legend, st. valentine was the two eponymous bishop of ancient Rome, both of whom died in A.D. 270. The last thing they did before they died was to write a love letter to their wife (the priest was then allowed to get married), and since then, the name "st. valentine's day" has been used in early religious ceremonies. According to the same legend, the day of st. valentine's day was a pair of birds, and the bees were double flying, and so were the people.

Different times, valentine's day is a different way to predict marriage and attract a lover. From ancient Rome to Victorian times, people used two half-open flowers to predict their marriage. Unmarried men and women plant two half-open flowers, the first letter of which is the same as the first letter of their respective names. If the two flowers are open to each other, it is a sign that the couple will be happy for life. If the two flowers turn on each other, it is a sign that the couple will go their separate ways. If the flowers bloom, the future family will be prosperous; When a flower dies or dies, it means that one partner dies before the other.

If you don't want to be in god's hands, you can try an ancient method derived from the British buckingham: namely the "saint valentine" night lit a candle and two needle at the bottom, to ensure the needle through the wick, he said: my firm is not just a candle, I will penetrate the XXX of the heart, no matter he is sleeping wake up, I want him to talk with me, but should pay attention to, you choose your dream lover to some actually, I don't entertain wild hope not. It is said that when the candle burns to the needle, your lover will open the door and run towards you. The second way is a week before the "valentine's day" every night wore on his left foot, right foot socks and read aloud: "dream of the living, rather than you damn fool, this is the young man, I want marriage." Keep quiet until you wake up the next day. A third option is to tie your left foot socks around your neck before going to bed. Be careful not to be too tight. If you strangle yourself, you will miss the big deal.

Unmarried women believe that if they put their shoes under the bed and open the window, they will dream of their sweetheart or find him standing in front of the bed. The success rate in the countryside is higher, because her suitors can peek through the window to see the shoes.

Although valentine's day has been in decline for more than 100 years since the Victorian era. Today, the holiday is becoming more and more popular. St. valentine's day is a celebration of love, romance, and flowers, chocolates and CARDS. It is precious to our hearts.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 2018 date guide and gift selection

The year 2018 has arrived. What is the most important thing in the New Year? Take off a single! Take off a single! Take off a single!

There are 30 million more men than women! If you don't, you're the lone tadpole.
For the majority of the male compatriots can successfully take off the list, for everyone to make the 2018 dating guide, has already taken off the list of also want to see ah, otherwise when the relationship breaks up to break up again to see, much trouble.

As the first legal holiday in 2018, the year is on New Year's day.
The first date of 2018 is very important, which is the best chance to show sincerity.
Try not to be too trite in your dating location. You can't eat a movie theater or anything like that.
Conditional suggestion sit a ferris wheel, take a piece of exquisite small piece of jewelry, in ferris wheel to express.

The perfect combination of romance and surprise, the most important small bodies can be hidden in the side of affection, is suitable for the highest point of the ferris wheel, unforgettable and give her a surprise, overlooking the whole city, I reveal to you the declaration of love.
If you have time to plan, ask your buddy friend to put a few hearts on the wheel under the ferris wheel, and that's perfect.

Electronic candles now has become a lot of people love tool, but too many people use is some old, if under the ferris wheel, can let your friends hold the glo-sticks, a call for you, believe you success MAX!

Diary valentine's day on January 14.
In January, it is also important that the diary of January 14th is valentine's day.
This date is more suitable for couples to enhance their relationship.
Wooden manual diary, is really quite warm, just feel the number of pages is a little bit, may not be enough to record a year of warmth and romance.

Now most people do not have the habit of writing diary, can give a blank small book a few of the two people sweet and romantic, next year this time again exchange is also a good choice.
It is recommended to choose warm activities, preferably at home, and a candlelight dinner is a good choice.

By candlelight dinner, steak is the best choice, the most important is because the production is more convenient, as long as master the time, do not often cook also can make very delicious.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

How to give a girl an unforgettable Christmas date!

The flowers, the night, the flickering candlelight, accompanied by the wonderful Christmas carols, may not find any more romantic days than Christmas. This, of course, is a great opportunity to surprise and warm up your relationship. Are you ready to give your goddesses a lifetime of memorable Christmas Eve?

While the candlelight dinner sounds like a cliche, it's been a must-have killer for years, especially for holidays like Christmas. But a lot of people are losing their way, and today we're going to talk about it.
Candlelight dinner is not the purpose of the meal together, whether in candlelight, red wine, or music (specific will say back to), all of the objective is to build atmosphere, in fact, the so-called romance is a kind of unexpected surprises, so don't initially disclosed to you at Christmas plans and you're dating. Instead, show that you have no plans for this Christmas and minimize your expectations. So how do we do that?

First of all, you need to find a restaurant that is so popular that you will be full on Christmas Eve, waiting for you to starve to death. And then at dinner, of course, it was all of them with the girls coming to the platoon! When you see a person in the sea of people, the girl is sure to have a meeting. You should tell her at this time, "let's wait a minute, we should be quick." Don't worry, wait patiently for ten minutes, calm down, and the bigger the disappointment, the more successful the subsequent surprise will be.

Then, after a long wait for 15 minutes, you have to pretend to be very anxious, bowed their heads and look at the watch from time to time, and then all of a sudden a determined look on his face to that girl say: "in my mind, Christmas should not be like this, today I bring you have a different kind of Christmas! Follow me!" This is the time to take her hand and bring her to the place you have prepared. This is your place, of course.
When you come to the door, gently open the door for her, and you will be touched by the delicious food, the shaking of the wine and the flickering candlelight. In the face of such a sudden surprise, the girl often stunned for a few seconds, this time you should mind smile, deep feeling of staring at her eyes for 3 seconds, gently say "merry Christmas", in an instant by romantic atmosphere will be lit. It's a perfect time to kiss, and women won't say no, but I strongly suggest you wait. You ask, why? Because the best time to stay in the last! At this time, what you want to do is to secretly click on the best romantic music in the mobile phone, with the melodious romantic music, the hero fan instant! Here are some less well-known but soft English tunes, such as "Think of you", which I used for A Fine.
With such a good setup, the dinner of Christmas Eve will naturally be easy to enjoy, later chat, see the movie will be a good choice.
At this time, you're ready for a Christmas present! Don't worry, it won't make you buy thousands of luxuries, gifts are not worth anything, but it is important to be able to foil the atmosphere, for example fireworks are an excellent choice.
So how do we do that? Still pretending not to be prepared. Then at the end of the date the girls home, passing your district sparsely populated place, the best is the place like the small forest (if you think that she could live in your home, you can invite her out for a walk), and then show the appearance of a pair of almost forgot, a pull her hand and bad laughed "almost forgot, I have a gift for you", and then ran to ignite your prior secretly hide in the trees at the foot of the fireworks, remain badly smile, slowly walked into her, until you only about 30 cm distance, deep feeling of stare her eyes for three seconds, gently say "merry Christmas, it's good to have you!" "And gently fold your lips on her lips.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What does Thanksgiving custom eat? Five food characters for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in the United States. What are the food traditions of Thanksgiving?

1. Turkey

How did the Turkey become the main "mascot" for Thanksgiving? There is a saying that queen Elizabeth is eating a roast goose at a harvest festival in the 16th century. Then came the news that the Spanish Armada had sunk in the course of the attack on her beloved England, and the queen was so pleased that she ordered a goose to celebrate it. So the goose became a bird of love for the British harvest season. When the pilgrims came to the United States from England, roast Turkey instead of roast goose became the main dish, because the number of turkeys in North America was more abundant and easier to find than geese.

2. Cranberry jam

The sweet and sour cranberry sauce is the food on the first Thanksgiving table, and it's on the table today. Cranberry is a small and sour wild berry that grows in swampy areas of Massachusetts and New England. The indians used its fruit to treat inflammation and dye the red carpets and blankets with fruit juice. They taught the pilgrims how to use sugar and water to cook cranberries and make cranberry sauce.

3. Corn bread

Corn bread, which is a favorite of the British and the indians. According to the origin of the Thanksgiving Day, the original English puritans emigrated to the United States had no food to eat, local indians gave them into his own food, in order to express gratitude, from now on with Thanksgiving. So the corn bread went on and became a must-have meal for Thanksgiving.

4. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is a popular dessert on holiday tables in the west for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Turkey and pumpkin pie are a staple Thanksgiving meal, thanks to the indians who helped and support them in times of distress, and thank god for their gifts. So there's also pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

5. Ham

Ham is also one of the great Thanksgiving foods. A lot of people like the flavor of ham, it is really fresh and not greasy, heavy incense appetizer. Whether as the main ingredient or ingredient, whether Chinese and western dishes, the ham has its special flavor, making the dishes delicious. The ham can be steamed, Fried, stewed, soup, barbecue, salad or directly with the main food. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

The perfect dating standard

Perfect date standard one: date time is exquisite
Lunch date is best. If it ends perfectly, it means you both want to get in touch. Otherwise, the next step is to say goodbye. Remember: dating is about gaining experience. Dating is a noble act. The duration of the appointment must not be long.

Perfect dating standard two: dating mentality has its attention
You may be interested in computer games is not, you may want to hear more about cross-stitch tips, but if you open your heart to the world of others, be curious, you will have a lot of interesting new harvest. If you don't understand what you're talking about, asking questions is the best way to deal with it, or you have to prepare for it beforehand. Also, be a good listener. A successful conversation is a perfect combination of talking and listening.

Perfect date standard 3: date confidence is exquisite
The first ingredient to a successful date is self-confidence. In short, if you don't think you're attractive and attractive, how can you convince others? Eliminate negative thoughts from your subconscious mind, and don't overdo it, and you'll be conceited or arrogant. Just be kind to yourself.

Perfect date standard 4: date effect is exquisite
If your date is no match for BIGTIME, it's hopeless. Acknowledge the fact that your date has satisfied you. If the date isn't very satisfying, move on. The effect of dating should be something you can clearly feel, otherwise it's a failed date.

Perfect date standard five: date image is exquisite
Be neat and clean from the inside out, which will make you pleasant to be close to anyone. It is very important to give people fresh and natural feelings. Don't be unkind or overly pretentious.
The above dating guide gives you the confusion of looking for a perfect date for your best man.